Ferrante Fever Book

Walk in the footsteps of Lila and Lenù through Naples, Italy. This photo-illustrated travel guide includes all the sites described in the Neapolitan Quartet as well as the major monuments and treasures of this 3,000 year old city. Organized as a 5-day itinerary, this guidebook allows you to experience the full breadth of Naples from the Rione Luzzatti where the girls were raised, to the elegant neighborhoods of Piazza dei Martiri and Vomero. Also included is an itinerary to see the breathtaking island of Ischia. Restaurant recommendations are paired with the itinerary to remove all the guesswork and ensure you taste the best pizza, pasta and pastry in the city.

Other visits in the itinerary include Museo Di Capodimonte, Italy's largest art museum, the "Secret Cabinet" in the National Archaeological Museum, the famous "Veiled Christ", the alleyways of the Spanish Quarter and a walk down Spaccanapoli. "Ferrante Fever" provides the most complete view of Naples that is possible in 5-days at a pleasant pace, designed for you to fully experience Naples rather than just see it as a tourist.

Also included: 

  • Hotel recommendations
  • Shopping tips
  • Tips for women travelers
  • Details that will greatly deepen your understanding of Ferrante's Novels
  • Advice on how to best extend your stay with visits to nearby Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast and ancient Paestum as well as the very best geo-thermal park on Ischia

Ferrante Fever Tour

Discover the city of Lila and Lenù. This tour has been designed to be a roving book club with lots of in-depth conversation about the extraordinary Neapolitan novels in the places where the stories are set.

Led by Feast on History founder Danielle Oteri who is an expert on Renaissance Naples, along with local experts who will reveal the many sides of Naples described by Elena Ferrante.

  • See Naples through the lives of Lila and Lenù including Piazza dei Martiri, the Vomero and the Rettifilo.

  • Tour the Spanish quarter.

  • Visit Castel Nuovo and Castel dell'Ovo, seen on the cover of "The Story of a Lost Child"

  • Stay in the historic center, a UNESCO world heritage site.

  • Visit the famous Capodimonte art galleries and the Archaeological Museum where the treasures of Pompeii are displayed.

  • Discover the cuisine of Naples at local trattorie. We'll make special visits to historic Naples pastry shops and sfogliatelle like

  • Signor Spagnuolo would have made at the Bar Solara. We'll also eat at Antica Pizzeria Brandi where pizza was first invented.
    Sail through the Bay of Naples for a day trip to Ischia where much of "The Story of a New Name" was set.

Have questions? Send an email to danielle@feastonhistory.com