Feast on History™ curates food and wine focused tours of the Cilento region of Southern Italy. Founded to show guests Italy's hidden treasures, Feast on History has many close relationships with restaurants, farms and local guides. All tours are based at Borgo La Pietraia in close proximity to the Amalfi and Cilento coasts, Pompeii, Capri, Irpinia, Naples and Salerno. 

Feast on History is a family business. I work with my husband Christian Galliani, a sommelier, while Borgo La Pietraia is owned and operated by my cousins, Antonio and Arianna Scariati.

Our Tours

Our tours are like roaming college seminars on cooking, wine tasting, history and art appreciation. Each trip has been carefully designed to include the very best food, wine and art in Campania in small, local spots you aren't likely to find in guidebooks or popular travel websites. Each group tour has a maximum of 12 guests. Strong friendships are formed over meals together and in the shared experience of exploring. Each tour includes some guided visits as well as much free time to see, eat or shop on your own.