Phase 1: Social Media Building Blocks

Before you can tell the story of your brand with social media, you need to create a consistent visual presence across the various platforms. If you have the visuals of your brand completed, that's great, but it's also not completely neccesary. Using whatever visual marks you have in a consistent way with a system of colors and typefaces can very often be enough.

In support of telling your brand's story on social media, I'm offering this package where I create the visual building blocks for your social media presence. 

  • 1 cover images for Facebook
  • 3 Facebook tabs
  • A Twitter header image and wallpaper background
  • Google Plus cover image
  • LinkedIn cover image
  • YouTube branded channel cover art
Before working with Danielle, my social media presence was ‘ad hoc’ (put together by whatever images I had at the time). I knew that I needed to uplevel my appearance online. Danielle was able to capture my brand essence quickly. Not only did Danielle give me that necessary new look, but what she created actually brought clarity to me in bringing my own message forward to others!! People now resonate with me so quickly. My click through rates and opt-in rates have increased dramatically. Without a doubt, one of the best investments I have made for my business.
— Laura Clark, Soul Wise Living

Phase 2: Content Marketing Strategy Plan

I’ll review your website content and most popular blog posts and create a detailed strategy for creating micro-content based on your specific goals. After I’ve reviewed all your content, I will:

  • Deliver a written strategy plan with specific quotes, ideas, topics for you to post on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I'll take a birds-eye view of your best content and pull out the best pieces to highlight and feature as micro-content
  • I’ll also recommend the best apps and technology for you to implement your micro-content, including tools for creating text and image as well as top ten lists.  
  • Finally we’ll have 1 hour call to talk through the plan in greater detail and make sure you have everything you need to launch your product, promote your event or simply build brand awareness

Here are the essential ingredients of your custom strategy:

  • Identify your ideal client.
  • Locate them online. 
  • Learn how to craft micro-content that will engage them and 
  • Encourage them to share your message as well.

Then I'll look closely at STORYTELLING!

  • Look at your existing content and see what can be pulled out for micro-content
  • Identify the beats of a good story
  • Identify the right platforms to tell your story the right way 

Phase 3: Full design implementation of your image campaign!

20 shareable branded images with your content for you ready for you to post and distribute on your social media platforms. 

How do we start?

We begin with a 30 minute call to asses your goals. On our next meeting, I'll deliver your strategy and we can review/tweak as neccesary. Finally, my design team will implement your image campaign and deliver a 20 piece image campaign with an accompanying distribution plan. 

If you want to know more about this full-scale package to brand your social media channels, a strategic plan and a powerful 20- piece image campaign fully implemented for you, then please fill out the form below or send me an email at

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