Ferrante Fever Naples Tour

This tour of Elena Ferrante's Naples is a roving book club with lots of in-depth conversation about the extraordinary Neapolitan novels in the places where the stories are set. To make this tour more widely available, the price is only $1500 which includes a 5-day full planned itinerary with guides and ground transportation. Guests find their own accommodations that are suitable to their budget. Each guest will receive a copy of Ferrante Fever to help them choose accommodations and restaurants.

Ferrante Fever covers not only sites mentioned in the Neapolitan Novels, but the rich history, art and food of one of the world’s most ancient cities.

12 guests only

The Ferrante Fever Naples tour is a program of Feast On History.


Day 1 is an introduction to Naples that starts in front of the elegant Gran Caffè Gambrinus and lets you gaze at the Teatro San Carlo opera House, the Royal Palace of the Bourbons and the Piazza del Plebescito. From there you’ll walk Via Chiaia, have lunch at the oldest pizzeria in Naples, then visit Piazza dei Martiri where Lila had her infamous shoe salon. You’ll meet Salvatore Argenio in his historic tailoring shop before strolling along the Lungomare at sunset. The focus of Day 1 is shopping, strolling and taking in the beauty and rhythm of Naples.

Dinner included


Day 2 is a crash course in the 3,000 year history of Naples. You’ll follow the Via Toledo through the Spanish Quarter, come to Spaccanapoli where you’ll see the Barqoue splendor of the Church of the Gesù and the majolica cloister of Santa Chiara, After lunch take a tour of the Naples Underground and then finally the magnificent Veiled Christ, one of the most visually arresting carvings that makes even the most cynical museum goers gasp in disbelief. 


On Day 3, with a solid understanding of Naples, you’ll now fully immerse yourself in the lives of Lila and Lenù. Beginning with a morning in the Rione Luzzatti, a look at the library, the elementary school and the Church of the Sacred Family, you’ll then drive through the infamous tunnel toward Bagno Elena, the elegant beach club where Elena had a summer job babysitting and then to the tony Vomero neighborhood where Elena lived when she returned to Naples to be near Nino.


Days 4 & 5 are set in Ischia. From Naples, travel by ferry or hydrofoil to explore the Castle of Ischia, the little town of Forio and Maronti beach where so much drama plays out in Books 1 and 2. Here you’ll experience just how different life was for young Elena as compared to the neighborhood in which she was raised. 


Finally, Day 5 is meant to capture the legacy of Naples. We'll visit the Museo di Capodimonte, the largest museum in Italy housed in a Bourbon hunting palace. Then we'll visit chapel of San Gennaro, the city’s patron saint whose blood miraculously liquefies every September 19th. Finally we'll have lunch together at Tandem where you’ll have the world’s best ragù.

Lunch included



A $500 non-refundable deposit is due upon reservation. The balance is due on February 1, 2019.


  • Paperback copy of Ferrante Fever: A Naples Guidebook Inspired by Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels

  • All day tours

  • Guides, daily expert guidance, facilitated group discussion about the books

  • Two meals

  • Ground transportation in Ischia


  • Airfare

  • Trip insurance

  • Other Meals

  • Accomodations

  • Ferry passage to and from Ischia

Questions? Contact Danielle at danielle@feastonhistory.com or call 917-881-3918 between 10am-6pm EST

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Ferrante Fever Guidebook

Walk in the footsteps of Lila and Lenù through Naples, Italy. This photo-illustrated travel guide includes all the sites described in the Neapolitan Quartet as well as the major monuments and treasures of this 3,000 year old city. Organized as a 5-day itinerary, this guidebook allows you to experience the full breadth of Naples from the Rione Luzzatti where the girls were raised, to the elegant neighborhoods of Piazza dei Martiri and Vomero. Also included is an itinerary to see the breathtaking island of Ischia. Restaurant recommendations are paired with the itinerary to remove all the guesswork and ensure you taste the best pizza, pasta and pastry in the city.

Other visits in the itinerary include Museo Di Capodimonte, Italy's largest art museum, the "Secret Cabinet" in the National Archaeological Museum, the famous "Veiled Christ", the alleyways of the Spanish Quarter and a walk down Spaccanapoli. "Ferrante Fever" provides the most complete view of Naples that is possible in 5-days at a pleasant pace, designed for you to fully experience Naples rather than just see it as a tourist.

Also included: 

  • Hotel recommendations

  • Shopping tips

  • Tips for women travelers

  • Details that will greatly deepen your understanding of Ferrante's Novels

  • Advice on how to best extend your stay with visits to nearby Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast and ancient Paestum as well as the very best geo-thermal park on Ischia