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In the small towns of South Italy, it’s still common to meet a group of older men who gather daily in the piazza to watch the day go by and talk with visitors until their wives call them home for lunch. Their salutation is not “ciao" or “arrivederci” but “tante belle cose” — many beautiful things.

Tante Belle Cose is where I go deep on the many beautiful things to discover in Italy you won’t find in travel magazines or in the mass tourism market.

About me

I’ve studied, traveled, and worked in Italy for two decades and have never stopped discovering new places that leave me filled with awe and wonder. I studied graphic design in New York and Florence, then returned to Florence for an MA in art history. I was a Lecturer at The Cloisters, the medieval branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for 15 years.

That’s me, painted by Jenny Kroik, in the October 22, 2018 issue of The New Yorker

I’ve written for BBC Travel, Condè Nast Traveler, and the UK Independent. The piece of which I’m most proud is an essay for The Paris Review about a Cloisters security guard who couldn’t get anyone to listen to his ideas about the Unicorn Tapestries.

I’m the founder of Feast Travel, where we connect you to the uncrowded, unspoiled Italy of your dreams and Arthur Avenue Food Tours in New York City. Barron’s once called me a Worldwise Entrepreneur.

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